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Practical Wedding Tips

meaning of flowers

The Secret Language

Create your next bouquet using the symbolic language of the flower.

Arbutus I Love Only Thee

Ambrosia The Love Given is Reciprocated

Babies Breath Happiness, Pure Heart

Bell of Ireland Good Luck

Chrysanthemum Happiness & Long Life

Daisy Innocence, Purity

Forget Me Not True Love

White Lily Purity & Sweetness

Myrtle Love, Joy

Orange Blossom Eternal Love

Orchid Beauty, Love

Peony Happiness & Prosperity

Pink Rose Perfect Happiness

White Rose  Purity & Innocence

Red Rose I Love You, Love

Rosebud Beauty

Thorn-less Rose Love at First Sight

Stephanotis Happiness in Marriage

Stock You will always be beautiful to me

Tulip True Love

Violet Faithfulness, Modesty

Zennia Lasting Affection

 practical wedding tips

Tips for arranging your own flower bouquet:

  • Remove all foliage and thorns from stems.
  • Cut the stems at an angle under running water to assure they are hydrated.
  • Cut stems the same length, but not too short. You can always trim as you go.
  • Gather four of your primary flowers to begin your foundation.
  • Pick up one flower at a time and gently begin forming the bouquet.
  • Wrap the base of your bouquet with floral tape. Be careful not to wrap too tightly or you might change the look of the bouquet.





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