Handwritten Letters: A lost art

There is something special about receiving a handwritten letter. Why? Because in the age of technology it is rare. Consider making an effort to send out at least one letter or card per month to someone you care about. Even a heartfelt short note is a wonderful touch. I call these “lunchbox notes”.

Here are some ideas to help motivate and inspire:

  • At a Bridal Shower have the groom secretly write a love letter for the bride prior to the shower and leave it on her place setting. This letter should be kept private unless the bride wishes to share. Never force the bride to read it aloud.
  • Leave special notes in lunchboxes, on pillows, under place settings, in a wallet or purse, or tucked in a pack of gum.
  • Use a dry erase marker and write a note on the mirror.
  • Get an empty bottle, add a note and leave in the shower or floating in a bubble bath.
  • Leave a note in a book you know they will open soon.
  • Use handmade paper and envelopes and write with a calligraphy pen. Seal with wax.
  • Make a handmade bookmark and add with note as a special touch.
Need more inspiration? Perhaps this one from Mr. Darcy will help … 


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