Gift Idea: Honey

Not everyone will know a reputable beekeeper. But if you find one, take advantage of the opportunity. If you do not have a reliable source then check with your local farmers market as they would most likely offer delicious choices.

Presentation is a big part of gift giving. Try this simple idea to make the recipient feel extra special:

  • Place honey in a small basket with a tea towel, fruit, and recipe cards that include honey as an ingredient.
  • Print tidbits of information about honey and its uses (see below).
  • Bake bread or muffins using honey and place in the basket. Don’t forget to include the recipe!
  • Make a homemade lip balm and add a handmade tag (recipe below).
  • Add a book with recipes using honey. 
  • For less than fifteen dollars you can present a lovely and thoughtful gift. Perfect as a hostess gift.

Want to learn more? Keep reading.

  • Most beekeepers do so as a hobby to produce honey for their families and for a small source of extra income.
  • Worker bees leave the hive and collect flower nectar which will become honey in the hive. Unfortunately pesticides used in gardening can kill an entire hive.
  • Honey, if properly sealed, is the only food that never spoils.
  • When honey crystallizes it can return to its liquid state when heated.
  • When measuring honey, 1 cup will weigh 12 oz.
  • Honey is a wonderful humectant. Try this: add water to your fingertips and face, then add a dab of honey and gently apply to your face. Lightly pat dry. Add a moisturizer. 
  • Honey lip balm: 3 tbs. almond oil, 1 tbs. coconut oil, 1 tbs. beeswax (grated), 1 tsp. honey. Warm oil and beeswax over low heat until wax melts. Remove from heat, add honey and stir well. Pour in small glass jar. Allow to cool while stirring occasionally. Store in cool place.

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