The Simplicity of a Cottage Lifestyle

Taking the time to appreciate our surroundings and enjoy life’s simple pleasures might be an acquired skill. Still the numbers are growing for those who want the simpler life and who are actually taking the steps to achieve this dream. Learning to be satisfied with less is certainly a key factor. Many choose a simple life for different reasons: less stress, healthier lifestyle, and more time to devote to family, friends and to the things they love the most.  

For many people, the choice of a cottage lifestyle is very inviting. Its quaint simplicity echoes the peaceful repose that many of us desire. Though we aren’t always able to live in our perfect dwelling, we can certainly bring to our own homes a piece of its unique charm.

simplicity flowers diyA few ideas:

  •  Keep televisions in a t.v. armoire so that they are hidden when not in use. Exposed electronics can take away from the tranquil atmosphere. 
  • Add fresh flower arrangements throughout the house. Use faux flowers if you have allergies. Tip: Wildflowers look wonderful in old mason jars!
  • Do not block natural light. Open blinds and curtains and let the sun kiss your home with its beauty.
  • Use a sofa cover to get a softer look. Do not be afraid of white! White covers are actually easy to clean in the washing machine.   
  • Create a small flower garden that you can view from a window. Even a patio can be transformed to a little haven of its own.
  • Maybe just a corner nook is all you need. Carve out space and make it your own. It could be as simple as placing a pile of books next to a comfy reading chair that overlooks your garden.
  • Most importantly dress your home with love and laughter and spend quality time with family and friends. 

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