Ten Thrifty Ideas for Repurposing Clothespins

clothespin 1 borderedClothespins are inexpensive and they have a host of valuable uses. Check out these ten helpful ideas:
  1. Use them to close open bags of food — like chips and cookies.
  2. Hang photos across a jute or sisal rope at your next celebration.
  3. Clip a clothespin to the end of a birthday candle to light other candles.
  4. Turn it into a gift tag by painting the clothespin to match your gift wrap. Write the recipients name with a permanent marker.
  5. Add a magnet to the back of a clothespin and place on your refrigerator for a message center. You could create one for each family member.
  6. Keep a tablecloth in place during picnics by clipping each corner together under the table.
  7. Use them for craft projects by clamping items together while glue is drying.
  8. Clip one to clothing items that may need special attention — such as a loose hem or button.
  9. Keep clothes from slipping off hangers.
  10. Attach to your purse to remind you to complete an errand or task.

Bonus: For a thrifty hostess gift, paint a set of four or more clothespins and add words of inspiration. Bind them with a ribbon or attach side-by-side to card stock. Add a tag that lists the many uses of a clothespin.

DIY Projects for Clothespins:

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