20 Creative Ideas for Mason Jars


Creative, Stylish, and Thrifty 
  1. Add fresh wildflowers for a rustic centerpiece.
  2. Use as a bathroom soap dispenser. Drill a hole that is big enough for the dispenser and glue in place.
  3. Spray paint gold, silver or other fun colors and use as a holiday vase. You can also use Elmer’s glue and food coloring to paint jars.
  4. Glue wood letters to the jar to create a name or favorite quote and then spray paint. Use as storage, vases, and gift jars (make sure paint is food safe if you are spraying anywhere that food may come in contact.)
  5. Use as the base of a lamp.
  6. Make a pleasing storage arrangement by grouping four or more for craft supplies, dry food, or hardware such as nails and screws.
  7. Create a Succulent plant arrangement. 
  8. Use as drinking glasses. For entertaining, make delicious pink lemonade or tea and add a colorful straw!
  9.  Layer dry ingredients for homemade cookies or brownie mixes. They make festive holiday gifts — just wrap the top with a pretty ribbon and add directions.
  10. Create an outdoor chandelier by grouping ten or more together. Add sand and then a tea candle to the bottom of a jar. Wrap a piece of rope around the lip of the jar and weave two to four pieces of rope around the jar to help balance when hanging. Display from a tree or fixture. 
  11. Create a whimsical pincushion. Use the glass jar to store buttons and thread.
  12. Fill with candy for party favors.
  13. For a treasure hunt or beach theme consider filling jars half with sand and then place a miniature glass jar with note, seashells, or a buried treasure, etc.
  14. Add pictures for a photo display.
  15. Mount jars with steel clamps onto refurbished wood for stylish storage. 
  16. Make a candle by adding beeswax and a wick.
  17. Create a floating candle centerpiece. Group jars, add water and tea candles. Complement the centerpiece by adding an array of branches, vines or flowers. 
  18. Use as a pudding cup. Layer with crumbled cookies, pudding, and whip cream – – repeat. Tie a spoon to the side.
  19. Use as a lunchbox. Useful to carry salads and dressings.
  20. Make flavored water by adding fruit and mint leaves. 
  21. BONUS: Give a case as a gift with a list of useful tips!

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