DIY Gift Tags

handmade tags
Handmade gift tags are unique and a fun project for the entire family.


  • Make a miniature coat hanger out of wire and sew on your tag.
  • Use fun quotes like this one (right) that I made up for a friend.
  • Use old envelopes and greeting cards.
  • Cut silhouettes out of paper.
  • For a rustic look use paper bags and rubber stamps.
  • Sew fabric together and make a pocket to insert a kind note.
  • Sketch.
  • Stitch the shape of a flower and fill in with water color.
  • Make a bird out of vintage print. 
  • Use chalk board paper and write a message with chalk.
  • Make a collage and cut out words from a magazine or book with the sentiments you wish to express.
  • Make a paper doll that represents the character of the recipient.
  • Cut passages out of old books.
  • Find a leaf or wide stick and write a message using a sharpie.
  • String yarn or twine across a card with glue. Add buttons to the corners and use mini clothes pins to hold special messages or add mini laundry cut out from paper.
  • Use tags for showers, gifts, jars, organization, or simply fill a bag with a variety of gift tags and give to a friend!

Gift tag handmade


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