Easy Makeup Tips: Enhance Your Natural Beauty

natural makeup tutorialWith the vast amount of makeup available it is hard to know exactly what should be embraced in a daily routine. Skillfully applying less makeup is far better than overdoing makeup application. For daytime makeup consider these simple choices:

Begin your makeup routine by hydrating your skin with a moisturizer. It is best to add moisturizer while your skin is still damp. Wait a few minutes before applying a primer.
Tip: For a perfect canvas make sure to use a gentle exfoliate on your face every week to remove dead skin cells.

A primer prepares your skin for the foundation to go on smoothly. It also helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. Allow a primer to set for a few minutes before applying foundation.

Apply foundation in a color closest to your natural tone. Choose a light-weight foundation because foundation that is too heavy can look cakey and settle in fine lines and wrinkles. You can also mix a little moisturizer with your foundation for a more natural, smooth finish.
Tip: Use translucent powder only in the areas where you need it.

Cover it Up
Use a concealer before or after your foundation on blemishes and under-eye circles. Concealer with salicylic acid will help shrink blemishes and provide coverage. Dab on blemishes with a pointed brush. If you have aging skin, do not choose a heavy concealer that will accentuate your wrinkles. Avoid applying a light-colored concealer to under-eye bags as it will only highlight the bags. Gently dab concealer on areas you wish to cover, never rub.
Tip: Choose a color closest to your natural skin tone. You can also let the concealer set for thirty seconds before blending which many find provide better coverage.

Eye Lids

Prep eyelids with a concealer. For basic eye shadow application, simply apply a matte, neutral shadow on the lid. Use a darker matte shadow where the brow bone meets the crease. Apply to the corner of the eyes to make eyes look wider. For a healthy glow you can add a touch of pink blush to lids and brow bone.

Eyeliners will add drama to your eyes and make them pop. Dab between lashes before lining to help add fullness to lashes. If you have under-eye bags and dark circles, avoid lining bottom lashes as they will only highlight those areas. Black mascara is usually best for most hair colors. Apply mascara by jiggling the wand back and forth or lightly blinking as the wand is placed at the lash base. More mascara at the lash base gives the illusion of fullness and length. Finish by coating the entire lash.
Tip: Use an eyelash curler before you apply mascara.

Eye Brows
Gently fill in gaps with a pencil using light strokes. Or use a brow shadow in a color close to your hair shade (unless you have extremely blonde hair). Blend well with an eyebrow brush.


Add to the apples of your cheeks and blend toward your temples.

Make sure to exfoliate lips prior to applying lipstick. Use a moisturizer and rub gently with a washcloth. Apply a liner and fill in lightly on the entire lip to help lipstick last longer. Use a lipstick or moisturizing gloss.


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