8 Clever Tips for the Freezer

herb ice cubes

Clever Ideas for the Freezer

1. Freeze grapes for a delicious and healthy treat. Or, spoon dots of your favorite yogurt on a plate and freeze for an hour. Yum!

2. Before you freeze, portion out ingredients (such as chicken and meat) into separate containers based on what you might need for future meals.

3. Choose the right containers before you freeze. Store liquid items, such spaghetti sauce, in freezer storage bags. They freeze flat, making it easier to store. Additionally, food will defrost much faster.

5. Make sure to label and date your food items. Masking tape and a permanent marker is an inexpensive label maker.

6. Use square plastic bins to help organize your freezer.

7. Create ice cubes filled water, melted butter or olive oil and fresh herbs. These are an ideal time saver for making stews and soups. Cover well to protect ingredients.

8. Place plastic wrap over ice cream prior to replacing the lid. This will help minimize freezer burn.

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