8 Twists for Pancakes

Clever pancake ideas

Traditional pancakes never go out of style, but, if you want to try a twist the next time you serve up this special treat, we’ve provided you with some sweet and savory ideas!
  1. Mix creamy ricotta into the batter. Drizzle the top with maple syrup and plums or pears.
  2. Mix cooked and crumbled bacon or sausage into your batter and top with a poached egg. Make sure to remove most of the grease from the bacon and sausage.
  3. Saute chicken and broccoli with olive oil, onions, garlic, sea salt, pepper, and a touch of cayenne pepper. Add to the top of your pancake.
  4. Fold your pancake in half like a burrito and fill with cream cheese and strawberries. Top with powdered sugar. For a sweeter filling, beat together cream cheese with 1/2 cup sugar and 1 tsp. vanilla. Try using a ketchup bottle or icing dispenser for a pro finish. This is a classic dish, but, definitely worth mentioning!

sweet and savory recipes5. Add your favorite cheese to the mix. Top with a saute mixture of tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro, sea salt and olive oil.

6. Layer peanut butter between three pancakes, top with whip cream, and drizzle with strawberry syrup.

7. Mix butterscotch chips and crushed almonds into your batter.

8. If you prefer waffles, try scooping a slightly cooled homemade pudding on top of waffles sprinkled with powdered sugar. Add raspberries and cream on the side.Waffles and cream


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