5 Brilliant Grilling Tips: How To Grill Better

5 Grilling Tips

  1. Sear food in the middle of a grill and then move to the outer edge of the grill where heat is not as strong – this will help prevent burning.
  2. To make hamburgers more uniform, indent the middle of a raw burger with a spoon before grilling.
  3. Coat vegetables in olive oil before grilling to prevent sticking. Also, place vegetables in an ice bath before grilling to make sure they come off the grill nice and crisp. Grilling vegetables with a mayonnaise-based marinade will help provide a nice crust and can introduce a lot of flavors.
  4. Visit to learn what cooks best with direct heat and what grills best with indirect heat.
  5. Let meat rest before cutting to preserve natural juices. Steak and chops should rest for about 5 minutes. A roast or chicken should rest for about 15-20 minutes.

Can you grill a roast?

Grilling techniques

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