7 Super Fun Baby Shower Ideas

7 Fun Baby Shower Ideas

We’ve made hosting a baby shower super easy!

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1. Guess Who? Mommy or Daddy?
2. Guess the Name of the Baby – see who can guess the name of the baby.
3. Baby Babble – Word Scramble – Set a timer and see how many words can be unscrambled before the time runs out!
4. What’s in the Diaper Bag – add baby items to a diaper bag and see how many items guests can guess.
5. Dirty Diaper – Smell the Poop Game – smoosh different gooey chocolate bars into disposable diapers and see if your guests can smell (or taste – if brave) the candy bar Brand. I recommend at least 7 candy bars to make it most fun.
6. Baby Sketch Game – provide paper and pencils and see who can sketch the best baby within a designated timeframe. Provide prizes for most beautiful, ugliest, funniest, etc.
7. Measure Mommy’s Tummy – have guests cut a piece of string the size they think best fits Mommy’s tummy. Then measure Mommy!
8. Change the Diaper Race – set up two or three game stations. Wrap a soiled diaper (smoosh a candy bar in a disposable diaper) around baby dolls who are fully dressed. Provide wipes and powder which contestants must use. Set a timer and see who can change the baby’s diaper the fastest. Make it more fun and blindfold participants.
9. Decorate the Cupcake Game – have cupcakes prepared. Create a decorating station with icing and supplies. Have guests decorate the cupcakes. Mommy gets to pick her favorite before they are served. Winner gets a gift. Secretly add a plastic baby to one of the cupcakes before the shower. Whoever gets the pregnant cupcake wins a prize.
10. Guess the Baby Food Game – is it green beans, peas, or spinach?
11. How Many Jellybeans – fill a baby bottle (or two) with jellybeans and allow guests to guess. You could also use miniature marshmallows.
12. The Price is Right Game – let guests guess the retail price of baby items.


baby shower candy buffet
Create a delicious candy buffet.

“Nobody has ever measured, not even poets,

how much the heart can hold.”

Zelda Fitzgerald

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It’s a Girl!

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