6 Amazing Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

What is diatomaceous earth?

Diatomaceous earth is also known as diatomite or DE. It is a natural substance called silica. Silica is the soft, chalky sedimentary skeletal remains of tiny fossilized aquatic organisms known as diatoms. It is important to use a quality, food-safe variety, not the type found at the pool supply store. I use ToxiClenz – Wisdom of The Ages, 10 oz but there are other quality products available.


Personal Use

  • Detoxifying, helps remove parasites and heavy metals (see my personal review below)
  • Natural internal cleanser
  • Supports collagen production
  • Nourishes hair and nails
  • Strengthens teeth and bones

Around the Home

  • Natural pesticide (even kills fleas)
  • Can be used to flour to protect against weevils
  • Helps to treat pets from fleas. DE can also be sprinkled on carpet to help remove fleas.
  • Acts as a deodorizer and can be used in a freezer, fridge, or trash can.



My daughter developed severe eczema from a nickel allergy she developed while wearing braces. It had become so bad that we had her metal braces removed and replaced with a non-nickel variety. Both of her hands were covered with eczema which consisted of cuts, open sores, and blister-like bubbles under her skin – and it was climbing up her arm. We tried changing her eating habits to exclude foods containing nickel. We also tried chlorella tablets, among other natural remedies and doctor-prescribed medicines. Nothing worked. She went over a year dealing with painful eczema.

Through research, I came across diatomaceous earth which is known to be helpful in removing stubborn heavy metals from the body. Diatomaceous earth binds with heavy metals and flushes them from the body. Within a week, my daughter’s hands showed improvement. Within a month, her hands were clear. To this day, we both take it regularly.

Disclaimer: It’s important to consult with a trusted physician before using any product. I like to use doctors who also study natural medicine and healing. I think it’s important to be pro-active in our own health – when I research, I always try to consider the source and its credibility.

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