11 Ways to Organize Your Closet

Organize Your Closet on a Budget

Most of us do not have the pleasure of a walk-in closet the size of a bedroom or the convenience of a luxurious closet organization system. So how do we stay organized and not hurt our budget?

Tips for a More Organized Closet:

  • Purge. This is the first step to being well-organized. We tend to hold onto things we don’t use in case we need them in the future. This practice slowly builds a mess throughout the home.
  • Change your buying habits. In a poor economy, it’s not a bad idea to consider how you shop. Do you really need the item you are about to purchase?
  • Use available space. There is valuable vertical space wasted in many closets. Fill cardboard boxes with items you do not use often. Label the boxes and stack them on the end of the closet shelves which is usually less visible. More aesthetically pleasing boxes can be stacked in the middle and labeled for scarves, belts, and more frequently used items.
  • Squeeze out more space by utilizing the closet door and empty wall space. Shelves, baskets, rods, and hooks can be added for additional storage space. Rods are perfect for ties, belts, and scarves. S-hooks can be added as needed.
  • Use crown molding for shoes. They can be added floor-to-ceiling.
  • A lid rack can be used to organize purses.
  • Hangers make a difference. Bulky hangers take up space so opt for flat clothing hangers when you can.

organize your closet

  • Store shoe heel to toe to create more space.
  • Most shower curtain hangers can be used on clothing rods to hang purses.
  • Color coordinate. Not only does it look pleasing, but it will help you find what you need more quickly.
  • Canvas shelves that hang on clothing rods are both inexpensive and can be useful if you do not have enough drawer space. They can store anything from clothing to games.

“Shelves in the closet, happy thought indeed!” ~ Jane Austen

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