13 Bridal Shower Tips: Plus Gift Tracker

Bridal Shower Tips

A Bridal Shower is a special occasion but can be overwhelming for the host if not properly organized.

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Here are a few tips to help keep a Bridal Shower running smooth:

  • Always set a budget and make every effort not to exceed it.
  • Make sure you have enough help. By asking close family and friends to be involved you can delegate tasks and spread out responsibilities. For example, you could ask a family member to be in charge of games or to bring the party favors. This will help offset costs and stress.
  • Ask the bride if she has any preferences if you are unsure, but keep questions to a minimum. You don’t want to stress the bride by asking her to make more decisions!
  • Decide how many guests you will have. It is important to include RSVP information in your invitation so you have an idea how many guests to expect. Unfortunately providing RSVP information is not full-proof. You will have many people who will respond at the last minute. This is not a big problem unless you are having a sit-down luncheon versus a buffet and scattered seating.
  • If you have a large number of guests, a buffet luncheon might be your best option.  A sit-down brunch is ideal for smaller gatherings.
  • When planning the venue location, keep in mind the size and parking capabilities. A back yard is a nice setting if you can accommodate parking.
  • Don’t be restricted by tradition. Morning, afternoon, and early evening showers are all great choices.
  • Set up a gift area that should include comfortable seating for the bride. Leave a pen, notebook or gift tracker (see below), and trash bag under the chair. This will make it convenient when the bride unwraps her gifts. Make sure you designate someone to throw away the wrapping and to keep track of the gifts.

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Game Suggestions:
Be careful not to put your guests on the spot. If you wish your guests to say something in front of a crowd, it is best to prepare them. You most likely will have a multitude of personalities so be considerate of all your guests. I prefer to use games that are non-intrusive.
  • Guess How Many? For this bridal shower, we used marshmallows because the groom was quite fond of them.
  • Advice for the Bride-to-be. Allow guests to write inspiring words of advice, encouragement, or quotes for the bride-to-be.  You can provide a white mailbox as a dropbox. Also, consider using journal pages that can be bound into a keepsake for the bride.
  • He Said She Said. Ask the bride and groom a series of the same questions. Pick the answers you wish to use and have them prepared on paper. I usually add a silhouette of a girl and boy that the guests can circle. I also point out that the answer could be both!
  • Hide a tag under a seat that reads “Congratulations” or something similar. The person who sits in the seat receives a prize.
  • What’s in Your Purse Game? I usually have this typed up and handed out to guests. List at least 25 – 50 items that might be in a purse. The more common items would receive the least points and more unusual items more points. Whoever receives the most points wins. (i.e. lipstick, moisturizer, notebook, tea bag, screwdriver, picture of your mother-in-law, etc.)

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