13 Cleaning Tips to Reduce Allergens

Reduce Household Allergens and Breathe Easier

Cleaning reduces household allergens which can be found in the air, on floors, carpeting, and surfaces. Though it’s impossible to completely reduce all allergens there are tips that can help.

  1. Keep your path and front and back porches clean to avoid tracking in more dirt and pollen.
  2. Wash your sheets and beddings every week in hot water. It’s best to use a dryer instead of air drying because the heat can kill dust mites. Consider using allergen-proof covers and linens.
  3. It’s essential to use a HEPA filter vacuum which traps tiny particles. They have HEPA filtered vacuums that are easy to store and still pack a powerful punch, like the Dyson Ball which is great for Animal and Allergies. Vacuum at least twice a week.
  4. Create your own cleaning supplies using white vinegar, lemon, and baking soda or purchase green cleaning supplies. See below for more ideas.allergies
  5. Limit rugs and carpets in the home. Clean often if you can.
  6. Keep mold and mold spores to a minimum by using the exhaust in the bathroom and removing the mold from tubs, showers, and curtains. Use a dehumidifier in areas that are frequently moist. Also, consider mold-resistant paint for your home.
  7. Dust mites are a common cause of allergies. Instead of dry dusting, use a damp rag to avoid brushing allergens in the air.
  8. When cleaning a fan, place a pillowcase or garbage bag over the blades so that dust falls into the bag.
  9. Wear a filtered mask when cleaning and avoid scented cleaning and laundry detergents.
  10. Keep clutter to a minimum. It only collects dust. Store smaller pieces in a decorative storage box.
  11. If you have animals, it’s best to bathe them once a week. Also, have pet-free zones in your home, such as the bedroom.
  12. Control pests in your home by keeping food in tightly concealed containers. Also, avoid using chemicals and opt for a professional who uses more natural products. Boric acid and traps can be better than sprays. Bay leaves and cloves are a natural pest repellant.
  13. Use an air purifier. Also, in warmer months use the air conditioner which also helps to control dust mites and mold by reducing humidity.

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