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11 Wedding Planning Tips: Plus a Free Event Checklist!

event planning checklist

11 Wedding Planning Tips

Here are some useful planning tips to consider when hashing out the details:

  • When considering a venue, don’t forget to consider parking and restroom accommodations.  Guests will become frustrated if they have a difficult time finding parking or accessing a restroom.
  • Make sure the reception venue has an ample prep area and all of the accommodations you will need, such as an oven, refrigerator, and outlets.
  • If you are not using a wedding planner or wedding venue, make sure you Know where the dumpsters are located and have enough volunteers or staff assigned to empty waste containers.
  • Don’t forget signs! Directional signs help guests know where to go.
  • How much alcohol do you need? You will need approximately 5 lbs. of ice, 1-2 bottles of liquor, 5 bottles of wine and 20 bottles of beer per 10 guests.
  • Create a photo checklist and get creative! You could give the list to your photographer to assure that you get all of the photos on your wishlist.
  • Keep an eye on the weather and develop a backup plan in case it rains. Also, plan in advance and consider dates and the typical seasonal weather for your location.
  • Create a music playlist that matches your theme and promotes a positive atmosphere.
  • Keep an emergency event kit handy. See the checklist below for items that are helpful to have available. For example, tape or lint rollers are useful for clothing, chairs, or linens that may need extra attention.
  • Make sure to enlist enough volunteers to help. Designate tasks to each helper. Having ample help for setup, during the event, and cleanup will help assure success.
  • Don’t blast music too loud for the first few hours. Keep the volume at an enjoyable level and comfortable enough not to drown out conversations. The first few hours are usually the essential social hours.

Event Checklist



Websites you’ll love to use for your next event:

For evites and invites visit Punchbowl or Eventbrite.




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