Organize and Reduce Clutter

Organizing a home or office can be a bit overwhelming. But it’s easier if you define your objectives and then split those goals into manageable tasks.

Organizing tips to help you get started

  1. Set realistic deadlines.
  2. Starting small is better than not starting at all, so try picking a drawer, shelf, or cabinet to get started.
  3. Make a list of areas you want to tackle, but don’t try to finish your entire house in a weekend. You will only get discouraged.
  4. For a large space, it’s helpful to clear an area on a floor or table to use as a staging zone.
  5. Gather garbage bags and boxes and label: keep, trash, shred, recycle, donate, pack, and sell.
  6. When sorting items, make quick decisions. If you don’t use an item and/or it has no sentimental value, get rid of it. If you are unsure of your decision, add the item to the “pack” box. When the box is full, seal with packing tape and write the date on the box. If you forget what is in the box or have not found the need to open it for six months, donate the unopened box to charity.
  7. Don’t waste money by shopping too soon. Sort items first and consider how space should function to meet your needs. Then look around your home before you shop because you may have what you need in another room.
  8. Also consider, size requirements and style preference before you make a purchase.
  9. Don’t demand perfection. Not every closet or room is going to look like it came out of a magazine. The most important thing about space is that it functions properly to meet your needs.
  10. Use free solutions when you can, like storing plastic grocery bags in a tissue box or using empty toilet paper rolls to control excess cord length.

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